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Jenny Blake Speaking at WDSJenny Blake is an author, career and business coach, and international keynote speaker. Before she started her own career strategy consulting business in June 2011, Jenny spent five and a half years on the Training, and Career Development teams at Google.

Jenny has been featured on Forbes.com, US News & World Report, Real Simple magazine, and has spoken at major universities (Yale, Columbia, TEDxCMU, UCLA, Parsons, Pratt), conferences (on entrepreneurship and women in business) and companies such as Google, PIMCO, Intuit, KPMG and Best Buy.

Some say her smile is contagious. Some say she’s “whip smart” and “delightfully surprising.” And one woman said, “Jenny’s speech was the most inspiring one I’ve heard all year.”

When you open up your stage to Jenny, she won’t disappoint. With a vibrant, engaging and highly personal style, Jenny has the ability to tackle issues related to career, entrepreneurship, business building and more with the grace and ease of someone who has been on stage her whole life. She knows how to read a room, draw people in, and deliver information in a way that feels like play. Jenny has presented to college students, entrepreneurs, CEOs, middle managers, technologists, women, cancer survivors and more.

“Jenny has brilliant strategies for how to change your career to really enjoy your life. She is truly a miracle worker. I have seen her in action. And let me tell you the stage was on fire. The audience was glued. And life changed forever for them.”
—Christina Rasmussen, Founder of Second Firsts

Speaking Topics

Jenny’s passion is in helping people move beyond burnout to create sustainable, dynamic careers they love. She helps audiences ditch the rigidity of yesterday’s career ladder, instead treating their careers (and lives) as dynamic, constantly customizable apps on a smart phone.

Whether talking about career, speaking like a pro or taking great leaps, beyond just inspiration, it’s Jenny’s interactive format, how-to tools and templates, and loving kick-in-the-butt encouragement that keep people coming back for more. Jenny is convinced that the only things standing between the audience and their big goals are a generous dose of inspiration, some Ghostbusters-style gremlin taming, and a proven process to guide the way.

Keynote Speeches

  • Career In the Age of the App
  • Pivot Before You Leap / The Pivot Method (can be targeted to Executives & Managers or for Millennials)
  • Speak Like a Pro: Practical Tips to Propel Your Confidence and Delivery

Panel Discussions

  • Social media, online presence and authentic personal branding
  • Women & entrepreneurship
  • Book marketing

To see a detailed description of each talk, click here.

“I want to thank you on behalf of all of SWE Corporate and the attendees of your workshop. I spoke with many of the attendees, and the feedback was incredibly positive. They really liked the interactive nature of the workshop. A lot of the attendees have been to other career workshops but found your advice both fresh and profound. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

—Margaret Guo, Vice President of Corporate Relations for MIT’s Society of Women Engineers

Speaking Resume

Here’s a sampling of events where Jenny has spoken:

Jenny Blake Speaking - University of Calgary KeynoteUniversities & Keynotes

  • Google (SF) & Parsons (NYC) – Speak Like a Pro Workshop
  • MIT Society of Women Engineers & Work-Life Center
  • Yale Masters Tea: Career in the Age of the App
  • Wire Me Awake Entrepreneurship Conference Keynote
  • Pratt Find & Follow Your Passion – Closing Keynote
  • TEDxCMU – Opening Speaker, Career in the Age of the App
  • 20 Something Bloggers – Closing Keynote
  • University of Calgary – Graduating this Year program – Closing Keynote
  • Google g2g Summit Keynote in Dublin, Ireland

Conference Breakout Sessions

  • HMG Strategy Group Conference Breakout (for 200 Chief Information Officers)
  • Adelante Leadership Conference workshop
  • United Women in Business panelist
  • Emerging Women NYC Rally
  • Moxie Camp conference for women
  • Texas Conference for Women
  • Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship 
  • Book Breakthrough NYC
  • American Journalism Society – Book Marketing panel
  • Columbia University – Social Media weekend
  • 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship Retreat
  • Cancer & Careers – Young Adult session

Corporate Training & Workshops

  • Google – [email protected], Speak Like a Pro, Career in the Age of the App, The Pivot Method for Internal Coaches (Mountain View, New York, Singapore)
  • Best Buy – Series of 4 workshops on goal-setting, career and money
  • KPMG – Know How To be the CEO of Your Career
  • Two Sigma Investments – Panel coaching for executives
  • Intuit – tech talk for Mint.com
  • The Center for Association Leadership – Career Development workshop

Jenny’s Speaking Reel

View additional speaking videos here.

What Hosts and Guests Have to Say

Thank you so much for being a part of Find & Follow Your Passion. You were incredible—just as we knew you would be. You really hit it out of the park. We’re so glad to have you as a part of our community and we thrilled to have you close the conference.”
—Marny S., NY Creative Interns – Closing Keynote at Pratt’s Find & Follow Your Passion

“Thank you again so much for coming on board. You were AMAZING and so many people marked your talk as the highlight of their experience.”
—Emily M., NY Creative Interns Co-founder – Closing Keynote at Pratt’s Find & Follow Your Passion

“I actually joined your website while sitting in the group session at the cancer and careers conference today! I am not only a cancer survivor, but also a licensed professional counselor. By far and away you were the most dynamic speaker of the day and I really look forward to reading your blog and trying out some of the resources on the website!”
—Dawn C., Cancer & Careers

“Jenny Blake was a speaking rock star at Moxie Camp. In her delicious Make Sh*t Happen session, she dished rock solid advice on how to take big, beautiful, bold action on your dream and my gals ate her up!”
—Alexia Vernon – Founder, Influencer Academy

“Your keynote reminded me how far I’ve come and how far I’ve yet to go. You reminded me, among other things, to not get complacent or comfortable, to keep putting effort into everything because life is a big beautiful playhouse. So thank you for the inspiration when I didn’t know I needed to hear it. Thank you for resonating with me when I didn’t think any of the speakers would. Thank you for delightfully surprising me. And thank you for your honesty.”
–Renee P., 20-Something-Blogger Summit attendee

“Thank you so much for your help with the NSHMBA Career Reboot! I wanted to say your involvement as moderator was spectacular, and I really appreciate the support and help you gave in helping execute on making the event a success!”
–Juan E., Executive Vice President at National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) – San Jose Chapter

“Jenny really impressed me with her talk at TEDxCMU. Her strategies to success find the delicate balance between optimism and pragmatism and her success and enthusiasm are testimonial to her ideas. Jenny’s thought process and intellect are aspects of her character that really make her stand out.”
–Mia Wang, Member of the TEDxCMU (Carnegie Melon) organizer team

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Speaking Topics

Career in the Age of the App

The era of “climbing the ladder” as a method of managing your career is out. We are now in the age of the app. Everything you need is at your fingertips, fully customizable to your unique career aspirations.

Careers are not a linear process any more – no longer do we adhere to a ladder model of getting into a job, staying at the same company, and moving our way up through the vertical org chart. In today’s world, people are exploring, experimenting, building a foundation, moving horizontally within companies, job-hopping, and building their own businesses on the side. Rather than following a linear path, you will learn how to explore, experiment and build a strong foundation that suits your dynamic talents and goals.

In this keynote, I help people shift their paradigm around career advancement and learn how to design their own path. It will give graduates and 20-somethings (and beyond) encouragement that if they don’t find THE perfect job out of school, they can still find incredible value in their mix of education and experiences.

Speak Like a Pro: Practical Tips to Propel Your Confidence and Delivery

Take it from a woman who used to get hives when presenting at important meetings during her time at Google: we all get nervous before major speaking opportunities — our body is going into a predictable fight or flight response from being isolated on an open plane, with dozens of eyeballs staring at us. The question is, do you know the insider tips and tricks to harness those nerves and use them to your advantage?

In this keynote, based on years of international speaking experience and over five years on the Training & Development team at Google, I share practical tips to improve your confidence and delivery while speaking in front of others.

In this interactive keynote, you will learn:

  • How to influence behavior change
  • How to structuring a presentation effectively to enact positive change
  • The brain science behind how to practice your delivery to nail your content without notes
  • Physiological tips for calming nerves, and
  • Pointers for delivering your speech in an engaging, concise manner (with examples from the last presidential election)

These skills will help you with everything from internal presentations to client meetings to larger speaking engagements, and ensure that your audiences walk away feeling inspired and motivated to action.

To get a feel for the content of this keynote, view the slide deck here or watch a recent 40-minute webinar version of the workshop. 

Pivot Before You Leap

Based on my forthcoming book, Pivot (Portfolio/Penguin, 2016).

Although it can be intensely uncomfortable to realize you’re bumping up against a career or life ceiling, it is actually a golden opportunity — a pivotal and critical time in life — to harness the call to adventure within you and honor your human drive for creativity, growth and meaning. Once only relegated to the mid-life crisis, we’ve since coined “quarter-life crisis” as a rite of passage at the ripe old age of 25.

However, given the pace of change in our society, this “crisis” state—transition rich with searching and the deep desire to create meaning in the world—is only becoming more frequent. We are no longer staying at jobs for 30 years with the safety of a pension plan waiting for us at the end; the average employee tenure in America is just 4-5 years.

In this keynote, I help people understand that careers are not linear any more, but they are not random either. Start-ups and businesses have been talking about pivoting for years, but humans are not corporate entities: we have fears, hopes and dreams that dictate a different formula.

Great for entrepreneurs, students and companies, participants will walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of how to recognize a pivot point
  • How to embrace uncertainty in exchange for risk and reward (rather than to stay in place and plateau or even stagnate)
  • Specific strategies for how to double-down on strengths and assets (the plant foot) while scanning the horizon for new opportunities (the pivot foot) to build a bridge to the next direction
  • Tools for not just surviving uncertainty and chaos, but embracing it as the new reality of life, work and entrepreneruship; how to survive “the dip”
  • Specific strategies for building a strong support network for accountability, motivation, support and increased opportunity

See related book website: Pivot

For Companies: Life After College Workshop Series for New Hires


  • Framework & Passions Inventory
  • Concrete Goals + Support System
  • Leadership at any level


  • Organization and Productivity “Must Knows”
  • Move past overwhelm to efficient and effective email management


  • Meeting Management
  • Presentation Presence


  • Engage entry-level employees
  • Provide “life skills” resources that will help employees get their lives in order and in turn, be more focused and engaged on the job
  • Employees feel supported by organization
  • Employees feel better equipped to handle their lives outside of work; more focused at work.


  • A 4-module course, delivered live, that could be attended in full or available for people to drop-in.
  • Optional “triad” component / community aspect
  • Course licenses content from Life After College that is not specific to company; can add proprietary materials in-house to supplement
  • Optional: provide a copy of Life After College for each person (~$10)

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Speaking Videos

Pivot Speaking Reel

Pratt — Closing Keynote, Find & Follow Your Passion Conference:

World Domination Summit: On Finding Courage

ThinQaction TV: Author Jenny Blake On Finding Your Passion

TEDxCMU – Career in the Age of the App

[email protected] – 10 Lessons Learned During the Publishing Process

BetterTV – Interview: Money Tips for Recent Grads

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