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Momentum Safari Week 2: Get Moving

Momentum Safari LogoI’m still on my (actual) safari in Tanzania, but we’re back for part 2 of the Momentum Safari! Join us at if you want to maintain your momentum even after the safari ends.

In this three-part podcast series, I’m taking you on a virtual safari to generate focus, freedom and flow. Each recording includes a week’s worth of daily prompts inspired by animal avatars, so that you can strategically gain momentum in any focus area you choose. Check out Part 1 here.

This week the focus is get moving—you will improve on your systems and vision, start taking action, identify mentors, ask creative questions, and reach out to others for advice.

Animal Avatars This Week

  • Giraffe: Get out of the weeds and focus on your most important message
  • Crab: Tackle bottlenecks and let go of things that no longer serve you
  • Squirrel: Take action and get busy
  • Donkey: Enlist people to help
  • Lion: Strike a balance between effort and relaxation
  • Dog: Reach out to those you admire
  • Luckdragon: Find pockets of magic

Momentum Safari: Get Moving! (8 Min)

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